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Jun. 21st, 2011

DBSK, Always Keep The Faith

Writer's Block: Born again

If you were reincarnated as an animal, which would you choose to be in your next life, and why?

I'd choose to be cat, because cats have it quite well off as long as they are in a good home. Get plenty of love and kisses and cuddles too!! ad side is: no opposable thumbs, so complete boredom when left at home by yourself!! No internet! No TV either!!!

Okay on second thoughts i'll come back as a very intelligent, literate chimpanze with internet access and box sets of all my fave series!

Jun. 16th, 2011

DBSK, Always Keep The Faith

Writer's Block: Practically amazing

If you could have a power that helps you with day-to-day living, like the ability to always get a seat on the bus, what would choose, and why?

I would choose the power to get a seat on the train... and also pick the correct carriage for whichever station i arrive in as i hate walking down platforms.. *pouts*

Apr. 28th, 2011

DBSK, Always Keep The Faith

My Dream

I had a dream last night, and I say this in a surprised manner because I actually remember this dream which is odd for me, I never remember my dreams.

Anyway, I must have been thinking/dreaming about Kuroshitsuji in a subconcious manner before i went to bed because I had a dream about the Ciel In Wonderland episode... except it wasnt the Kuroshitsuji characters.



All the boys were there and instead of traipsing around looking for the queen I went straight to the Mad Hatter and March Hare's house for Tea.

Key was the cheshire cat but had a costume and look that was very Grell-like (he was wearing those glasses) and we had a very long discussion about stupid people and how they should be thrown into a library with no internet access and locked in so they would have to pick up a book eventually or be bored to death.

Onew was the White Rabbit, he kept faceplanting everywhere, it was so cute!!!! (and he was dressed like Sebby-chan <3) He and I didnt talk that much but I kept stroking his ears and he fell asleep in my lap. *^_^*

Jonghyun was the Mad Hatter and he kept doing his cute pout whenever i declined Tea so i had to drink loads, he was very loud and jumped on the table alot to emphasise points he was making in the conversation. He also kept grabbing onto Keys tail and burying his head in it.

Minho was the caterpillar, and he was smoking alot!! (he was also dressed like Lau which was really hot since the top buttons were all undone) he was just sitting there doing mostly nothing.... except pet Taemin who sat in his lap

Taemin was the doormouse, except he wasnt miniature but very much a real size person ... and he was dressed like Ciel!!! <3 he kept taking drags off of whatever Minho was smoking and then he got up and did this weird wiggly dance like all his bones had gone.

Anyway so it was a massive party with us all and I drank loads of tea and we chatted and when I woke up I was very sad and had to go to the loo very badly. (all that imaginary tea you know)
DBSK, Always Keep The Faith

(no subject)

hosted by screamoutloud cohost: parvani

Name: Lily
Over 18?: Yes, 21
Location: London, England

Tell us about
Main: Anime (practically every one i have come across), DBSK, SHINee *^^*
Side: Supernatural, Glee, CSI Miami, NSCIS, Star Trek Next Generation, Marvel and DC
Het/Slash/Femmeslash?: Everything apart from femmeslash.. i just dont like it :/

What's your journal like?
RL? Fandom? Etc?: Both, alot about me so far but its early days, my old one was mostly fandom
Friends Only?: When i get some it will be XD
Posting Frequency: Once/Twice a week or Once per fortnight, depends on life

Let's get personal
What's your favorite activity?: I have two? Reading and gaming.
Favorite quote?: -I have far too many, mostly DBSK/SHINee lyrics or things from all the wonderful books I read!!
Something random about you: I Have 'dancers toes' where the second and third toe on each foot is the same length as the big toe.

Anything you want goes here (lyrics, gifs, pictures, etc):

DBSK, Always Keep The Faith

Why are some people so stupid?

Now, when I say stupid I dont mean "they dont know what ____ means how stupid" eg "they dont know what putrid means" Putrid is a word people dont normally come across so thats understandable. In fact not understanding difficult terminology is understandable in every way shape or form. If its not your first language then even simple terminology is alright to get wrong because you are learning.

Alot of people in my class arent book lovers and when they ask me how to pronouce 'heirs' or 'omnipresent' or other things I understand, you havent read/seen the word before so thats fine. I'll tell you how to say it and what it means because we actors stick together (even if you dont like me at all most of the time im not one to play the tit-for-tat game, im helpful and the teacher can see that at least some people are looking up their words and how to say them/what they mean)

Its when someone says something like "what do you mean by scornful/ complicated/ dependant" that makes me just

This person asks questions like this all the time, and even if its a teacher saying it she'll ask so scornfully, as if the person saying it is in the wrong/stupid. Sometimes when she asks those questions you're not sure whether she is joking or not because the questions are something like a 5-year-old would ask. (when she asked what the teacher meant by "depending on others" there was a noticable pause in which i could see the teacher thinking 'is she serious?')

I know that I come off sounding a right bitch but for gods sake woman, you're meant to be in University whatever course you are on, at 21 years old you cant not know what 'dependent' means or how to pronouce 'heirs' (and not being rude but just because your parents are rich doesnt excuse the fact that you really need to start to read more as your knowledge of anything outside of your interests is extreamly limited if not non-existant)

Not understanding something is fine, but when its things that children understand (or at the very least GCSE/11th grade children) i get so annoyed. Its not ignorance (which in itself is rather intolerable) but a complete lack of willingness to learn and apply herself. You are an actress, you need to read, you need to know what words mean and how to say them.
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Apr. 27th, 2011

JaeHo, YunJae, Jaejoong, Yunho

Is it just me?

Is it just me or does the world seem to be falling apart?

Im not one to believe in things like 2012 but to me its like the world is falling apart anyway. We have earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters.

Man-made poverty is still rife in Africa and Ethiopia, and alot of people these days just dont seem to care. Maybe its the fact that people on my uni course are quite ignorant, and can be quite self-absorbed. But the majority of people that I intereact with who arent my friends seem to be; selfish, cruel, petty, ignorant and close-minded.

I just want the world to realise that it cant carry on this way.

Religion is a beleif and everyone is intitled to their beleif, yet we go to war because one beleif states that they are the true faith. Yet, in every religion there is always a commandment or something of that sort that states that you should care for others around you. Thou shalt not kill right?

So why do we start religious crucades and wars?

Why do we have mad tyrants who think that their world, and rule, is law? That they are untouchable?

We are all on this world for a short time before we pass on... so why cant we just all get along?
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Apr. 24th, 2011

DBSK, Always Keep The Faith

New Blog

I've been hanging around livejournal and greatestjournal for years. Originally I was introduced by friends who I now never speak to but still know me. Rather than block them on my other account or delete my old account I am starting a new one and being myself without feeling that I need to pretend and hide who I am anymore.

Im going to leave the first ten or so posts on this blog open to the public but after that it will become a 'Friends Only' page. (not that I'll ever be important enough to be sought after but...)

Anyway, to whoever reads this I hope that you and I will share some similar interests, and if you dont like my interests or what I post I dont really want to know

Jaejoong Laughing